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Effective Email Marketing

Email campaigns are an effective way of advertising your business, promoting events or showing your latest products at a low cost. At Craig Mason Design, we use proven techniques to get more sales through email marketing for your business.

All you need is a database of customers. It's that simple.

Your customers are constantly checking their inboxes, even more so now as many mobile phones have email alerts built in, so they can check emails on the move. With a strategic email campaign, we can interact with your customers which will generate more people through your door, more calls, and more revenue.

We use specialist software which lets us store a database of customers, which you can add to as your business grows. The software tells us how many people view the email campaign, how many bounce backs we receive and how many people click on links within the email advert. This lets us send you a report of how effective email marketing is for your business.


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